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Friday, September 7, 2012

A month or so ago I got a lovely package of beads in the mail from my BSBP 5 partner.  We enjoyed each other's beads so much on the first round that we decided to do a little side swap on our own.

Here is what the lovely and talented Sabrina Staub sent to me:

And here's what I did with the beautiful soup.

The fabulous strawberry Sabrina made called out "keep it simple" to me.  It would be beautiful hanging on a choker by itself, but I added a few stash beads and bitter green enameled beads to bring out the colors in the strawberry.

Sabrina sent a lovely combination of lime green and dark gray with a copper-colored swirl.  She also sent some really cool lentil shaped beads that complimented the copper swirl.  I mixed in a green bead left over from Kashmira Patel's soup.  The colors were perfect together.

I love these orange and charcoal beads Sabrina made, but I have to admit that they were the most difficult to come up with a design.  I'm still not sure I did them justice and may at some point try again.  I had a focal I made in a Stephanie Lee class that had a touch of orange in it, so I used that as my main focal.  I added some fibers and a chain that I oxidized.  What do you think?

This focal Sabrina made is absolutely gorgeous.  I have lots of purple in my stash, so it was easy to come up with some complimentary glass beads.  This bracelet is strung on wire with a magnetic clasp.  I love it!

Sabrina sent the beautiful lampwork blue beads.  I had some raku in my stash that I liked with them.  I strung the bracelet using the waxed linen Sabrina sent the beads on.  It was my first time to use waxed linen and I discovered that I totally love it.

There are two more pair of earrings that my photos didn't come out well on.  I will try again tomorrow, so check back.

Thank you, Sabrina, for this amazing soup!

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  1. Love the purple and black bracelet! They are all beautiful but those colors just speak to me.